Lucia Pola – Fashion & Graphic Design, Dressmaking, Video
Mariel Mazan Palacios – Graphic Design, Photography, Video
David Hunt – Wearable Electronics & Software
Ivor O’Shea – 3D Printing Specialist
Marie Danaher – Textile Design, Dressmaking
Miia Satama – Fashion Design, Dressmaking
Vlado Turcan: Filmmaking, Video production, Photography

Other team members who helped out along the way:
Michael Mc Laughlin, Dara Walsh, Michael Canavan, Catherine Adley, Bernadette Heenan, Billy Lingwood, Catherine Murray, Courtney Sharos, Dolmon, Maree Lanigan, Maureen-Selina Laverty, Meghan Halton, Michelle Mixue, Rhona Hunt, Laura Stroe, Marta Luque, Vlad Rutt, Cassie Canzano, Gabriela Avram.

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