ATTIRE’s first event took place last week in Fab Lab. We couldn’t have asked for a more exiting introductory workshop. Presentations went wonderfully and  we got our audience buzzing for whats to come next.


Our speakers gave insight on the project. Mariel spoke about the structure of the workshops, and also gave some conceptually based examples.  Miia told us about the various textiles and also showed us how fabric can be manipulated with the use of the machines available at Fab Lab. Dave talked about the electronics and presented us with information on what can be achieved and Ivor gave an extraordinary end to our presentations telling us about 3D printing and modeling alongside examples of works he had done.

helloivor dave mariel

Having tea and cake we mingled and got to know our new collaborators, by the end we left with fully inspired minds and an eagerness to get started. Thank you so much attending. We absolutely cant wait to see you at our Event 02 / LOOKING FOR A CONCEPT /on the 26th of march from 8 -10pm at Fab Lab!



We got a great mix of collaborators to join our team! Some who came from different parts of Ireland. So far we have 5 people for each of our disciplines – FASHION DESIGN – SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE DESIGN – DRESSMAKING – PRODUCT DESIGN- 3D PRINTING AND MODELING. We are still looking for more people to join us, the bigger the team the bigger the outcome! Make sure if your interest lies in any of these areas to come along to the


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